Business Model

We Offer

  • Concept to silicon design service for ASIC/SoC’s
  • Reconfigurable FPGA based embedded system development from initial concept to System Design , Prototyping and Evaluation
  • Software development solution for reconfigurable embedded systems
  • Customized training for
    • Design Methodology and UVM based Verification
    • HDL/HVL
    • Vendor specific training


Spec to GDS

Design Services ASIC

  • System definition and RTL. Development
  • Functional Verification.
  • Synthesis, STA and Design Analysis.
  • DFT, ATPG and Formal Equivalence.
  • Floor Planning and CTS.
  • Physical Verification & Analog Layout.
  • Post silicon Validation and Test Software Development.

Design Services FPGA

  • RTL Design & Functional Verification for FPGA IPs
  • IP Development using HLS for FPGA
  • IP Integration and system development for ARM Based FPGAs
  • Software development for embedded systems developed for ARM based FPGA
  • Complete system development from concept to implementation and software development
  • Training in FPGA design and programming


System Defination and Development

Desgin Verification Training

Design Verification Training

  • High Quality Logic Design and Verification Training.
  • Logic Design and Verilog Modeling.
  • Verification C, C++, System Verilog & UVM.
  • Vendor Specific Tool Training (Cadence/Mentor).

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